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Is the World of Warcraft Gold Cap for Real?

There is a lot of talk in this day and age of the one time legendary World of Warcraft gold cap. There were players a few years ago who claimed to have hit it and no one believed them due to the low yield of most TBC farming methods. Today, there are more players who have hit the gold cap and have proof of their accomplishments – either in screens and videos or in the sheer volume of time they’ve spent in the game.

However, the big question still remains of whether the World of Warcraft gold cap is something a normal player who doesn’t play 60 hours a week has a realistic chance of ever hitting.

What it Takes to Hit the World of Warcraft Gold Cap

The gold cap is a big deal for many players, yet something they’ll never hit. The reason is simple. They keep farming and questing and will never get there. Consider the amount of time it would take to reach the gold cap using these old methods. It takes 300 hours to reach the gold cap while making 750 gold an hour. That’s only if you could maintain that kind of speed, and then there is the time spent on your alt selling off all that stuff. Anyone else will realistically make between 200 and 400 gold an hour at the most – which would take upwards of 800 or 900 hours to reach the cap. And that’s only if you don’t spend any of that gold.

Strategies on Hitting the Gold Cap

So, it’s going to take a bit more to hit the World of Warcraft gold cap than just farming away. You’ll need to start using the Auction House and learning how to master the movement of items between auction houses, servers, and factions – pushing items between characters in ways that will allow you to profit on every transaction and in large sums – much larger than any other farming methods would allow.
For any player who has never before considered the prospect of hitting the gold cap, starting from scratch will result in a great deal of time spent in the auction house and out farming. There are other methods to consider in the process, but they all need to be carefully crafted and executed. If you can do that, you may stand a chance of eventually hitting the elusive gold cap in World of Warcraft.


How to Take Full Advantage of the WoW Auction House

The World of Warcraft economy has long been reliant on three things – players going out and farming for materials, players wasting huge sums of gold on things that can never be resold or reused, and players using the Auction house to trade, buy, and sell items with each other. A stable economy has allowed the game to flourish in ways that no other MMO has in this regard. The prices are predictable, strategies are consistent and the WoW auction house is the first place most players go to make gold.

The Secret of Using the WoW Auction House

The Auction House is all about data. The built-in interface for World of Warcraft’s auction house is more or less awful. You need to put add-ons into play that will allow you to access more data and more effectively deliver information and auctions that will work to build your gold counts. This means a lot of research, a lot of scanning, and a whole lot of trial and error. If you do it right though, you’ll eventually be able to make such substantial sums of gold that you can do pretty much anything you want in this game.

The Upper Limits of Gold Making in the WoW Auction House

How big are the upper limits of gold making? There is an artificial gold cap in the game that stops players from gaining any gold on that character at 214,700 thousand (rounded down). That amount might seem unobtainable, but there are many players who have already done it, and some players who have done it on more than one account. Think of it this way – you could make upwards of 2.1 million gold if you maxed out your gold count on every character on your realm. And that’s just per realm. Of course, it’s going to take a LONG time to get there, but if you master the auction house and use it wisely, it is not impossible.

For many players, the prospect of making gold in the WoW Auction House is so great that they forgo any other forms of making gold. They spend their time focusing on the methods that allow them to make more gold for less of their overall time. This is a popular strategy that, in the long term, will work far better than farming and questing, due to the higher overall yield for time investment. Keep that in mind and you’ll make far more gold in the long run than if you are out farming.



How to Make Gold in WoW without Farming

One of the most obnoxious parts of World of Warcraft is the process of making gold. Players who want to make gold in WoW often have to spend hours a day farming for it in various ways. They need to go out and farm on old instances, mining nodes, herbalism nodes, and a dozen other ways that are highly tedious after a few weeks of the same thing. Which is why many players will jump at any chance they can to make gold in WoW without farming for it so often.

Getting to Know the Auction House

The Auction House is a very complex structure with a ton of data points to work with. To get to know it properly, you need to install add-ons like Auctioneer, Auctionator, Postal, and Market Watcher. Other add-ons like TitanPanel can be very helpful as well as it can make seeing your total gold counts and bag space easier. Generally speaking, you’ll need to be sure you have everything operational and scan the data in the auction house almost every day (or more often if you can). This data will allow you to learn how the data interacts and how to find the best auctions to buy out and resell.

How to Make Gold in WoW with Less Time Spent

The key to making more gold in WoW while spending less time doing so is to focus on auctions with high yield returns. Things like Eternals and Cobalt Ore are great, but the return is not as high as things like Crusader Orbs, Primordial Saronite, or Titansteel. These items, while very expensive, will always sell for a profit if you know when to sell them and how much to sell them for. Many players spend hours a day doing this, while others are able to login for an hour a day and make thousands of gold very quickly.

The key to make gold in WoW is not to assume you’ll be able to do it steadily like you do with farming. You need to be able and willing to take risks and push yourself a bit harder than you do normally. The rewards will then be far greater than they would be if you flew in circles around Storm Peaks or Icecrown for hours on end. Do that and you’ll be far better off with your gold making methods for months to come.


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